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Canine Sports & Games

Playing organized games with your dog is a wonderful way to give him the mental stimulation and physical exercise he needs, while strengthening the bond between you and having a lot of fun! Start by discovering which activities best match your dog's abilities and personality. Is your pet energetic, smart, and focused? Try Agility or Flyball. Is she adaptable and water-loving? Try Dock Jumping. For every activity, Kristin Mehus-Roe provides all of the information you and your pet need to thoroughly enjoy yourselves: complete rules, lists of necessary equipment, safety reminders, and much more.

“Kristin Mehus-Roe delightfully — and thoroughly — unleashes the true nature of dogs: born jocks and masters of movement.”
— Arden Moore, editor of
Fido Friendly and author of The Dog Behavior Answer Book

“From flyball and disc-throwing to freestyle and herding,
Canine Sports & Games makes it all look easy. Even better, Kristin Mehus-Roe recognizes the sometimes dormant athletic abilities that rest within all of us, from human couch potatoes to pit bulls and poodles.”
— Ken Foster, author of
The Dogs Who Found Me and Dogs I Have Met

$ 16.95 US, Paper
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The Dog Behavior Answer Book

Just how smart is my dog? Try draping a towel over his head and timing his “escape.”

Why does she prefer the toilet to her bowl? Because it’s always full and always cool. Keep the lid down, move the bowl to a shady spot, and add some ice.

How can I stop her from growling at my boyfriend? Clearly establish the new beau as Number 2 in your “pack.” Go for a walk; make the dog leave last. Give your boyfriend the leash; have him pass on some commands, and then have him give out the treats when she starts catching on.

Animal behavior expert Arden Moore answers these questions and more in
The Dog Behavior Answer Book, part of our Answer Book series. From grooming to obedience to just knowing this member of the family a little better, this book contains everything the new or frustrated pet owner needs to know to smooth out the wrinkles in any dog’s coat!

“Had I followed Arden’s wise advice in this book, Marley might have been so good I never would have been tempted to write a book about him.”
— John Grogan, author of
Marley & Me

$ 14.95 US, Flexibind
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Dr. Kidd’s Guide to Herbal Dog Care

Maintain your dog’s health the natural way with gentle, chemical-free treatments for preventive care as well as acute canine health problems.

$ 14.95 US, Paper
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The Puppy Owner’s Manual

Learn to control typical mischievous puppy antics using humane, common-sense techniques. Raise a safe, healthy pooch who's a pleasure to have around the house.

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Real Food for Dogs

These 50 well-balanced, vet-approved recipes use human food as a basis for delicious meals for dogs, and you’ll laugh out loud at Anne Davis’s delightful illustrations as you cook.

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Your Puppy, Your Dog

Raising a pet is a lot of responsibility, but also very rewarding. Learn how to best care for your dog with this friendly and encouraging guide.

Your Puppy, Your Dog features information on canine selection, housing, feeding, health, behavior, and showing in a mature, yet easy-to-understand language. For ages 9 and up.

$ 14.95 US, Paper