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The Cat Behavior Answer Book

Cats are lovable and funny. They are perfect little lap-warmers and attentive listeners. They can also be tenacious, persnickety, and maddeningly aloof, but that’s all part of their charm. If only you understood what elicits the purrs and what provokes the hisses!

Trust cat expert Arden Moore to explain the mysteries behind their thoughts and actions. Your kitty may not be able to tell you why she doesn’t want her dinner, but Arden Moore is happy to answer your questions about feline food preferences. She also explains the finer points of catnip, hairballs, dead birds, lap kneading, litter box problems, and other complexities of cat behavior.

$ 14.95 US, Flexibind
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Dr. Kidd’s Guide to Herbal Cat Care

Holistic veterinarian Randy Kidd offers thorough, up-to-date information on gentle, chemical-free treatments for preventive care as well as acute feline health problems.

$ 14.95 US, Paper
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Happy Cat, Happy You

Discover hundreds of ways to up your pet’s purr output with pet expert Arden Moore’s playful tips and practical advice for busy cat companions. You’ll find hundreds of fast and imaginative ideas for building the bond with your cat, from simple games to easy massage, mealtime routines, and training tips. Presenting useful information in quick tidbits accompanied by fun illustrations, this book will become a favorite quick reference for effective, low-fuss approaches to living with and caring for your favorite feline.

“Arden Moore has helped millions of pets and people live happier, healthier, fuller lives.”
— Marty Becker, DVM, veterinary TV correspondent for
Good Morning America and author of Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul

$ 10.95 US, Paper
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The Kitten Owner’s Manual

Award-winning pet journalist Arden Moore offers dozens of practical tips to help you raise an indoor cat without losing your sanity, and she presents them in a fun question-and-answer style. Moore includes advice from the nation's leading veterinarians, animal behaviorists, and shelter directors, along with success stories from real-life cat owners.

$ 12.95 US, Paper
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Real Food for Cats

This collection of 50 simple but nutritionally balanced, vet-approved recipes will have your cat rubbing your ankles faster than you can say “can-opener.”

$ 10.95 US, Paper