Indoor Gardening

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Bonsai Survival Manual

Buy and grow attractive bonsai and keep them thriving with this one-stop source of vital information. Fifty popular species are covered in this excellent beginner's guide.

$ 22.95 US, Paper
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The Complete Houseplant Survival Manual

It’s a whole new world of houseplants, so make yourself at home in it! If you love the idea of keeping houseplants, but struggle to care for them, you’ll find solace and invaluable advice in this comprehensive guide from expert gardener Barbara Pleasant. Even experienced houseplant enthusiasts will benefit from Pleasant’s expansive knowledge of indoor gardening, which includes personality profiles, growing needs, and troubleshooting tips for 160 blooming and foliage varieties. Create a greener world, one houseplant at a time.

$ 24.95 US, Flexibind
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Don’t Throw It, Grow It!

Eat your vegetables — and plant them too!

Plant the pits, roots, shoots, and seeds of almonds, anise, avocadoes, beans, celery, citrus, dates, fennel, figs, gingerroot, kiwi, mango, mustard, papya, peanuts, persimmon, pineapple, pomegranate, sesame, squash, turnip, tropical guava...and

You an also have houseplant fun with fruits, nuts, herbs, and spices. Fron the common carrot to the exotic cherimoya, dozens of foods have pits, seeds, and roots waiting to be rescued from the compost bin and brought back to life on your windowsill. Planted and nurtured, the shiny pomegranate seeds left over from breakfast, and the neglected piece of gingerroot in your refrigerator will grow into a healthy, vigorous houseplants — kitchen experiments in the wonder of botany.

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Growing Tasty Tropical Plants in Any Home, Anywhere

Enjoy fresh java brewed from your own coffee beans or juice from the orange tree growing in a sunny corner of your living room. Laurelynn G. Martin and Byron E. Martin show you how to successfully plant, grow, and harvest 47 varieties of tropical fruiting plants — in any climate! This straightforward, easy-to-use guide brings papaya, passionfruit, pepper, pineapples, and more out of the tropics and into your home. With plenty of gorgeous foliage, entrancing fragrances, and luscious fruits, local food has never been more exotic.

$ 18.95 US, Paper
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Tabletop Gardens

Tabletop Gardens is a uniquely imaginative approach to indoor gardening. The 40 garden designs offer many ideas for choosing a personal style and getting started — plants under glass, in bowls and trays, and even in water environments. Each project includes complete advice on the materials needed and step-by-step information on how to create the garden. Popular, easy-to-grow herbs, grasses, bulbs, water plants, vines, and miniature trees are naturals for tabletop gardening, and many “hot plants” like bamboo and orchids are featured.

$ 16.95 US, Paper
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Window Boxes

Window box gardens are beautiful on a windowsill, but displayed in unexpected places they add four-season style and color all around the home. Authors Cramer and Johnson offer dozens of inventive ideas for container gardens to enjoy every month of the year. More than 200 exquisite color photographs highlight the range of seasonal plants and innovative containers. Project instructions, care tips, and source listings round out the how-to pages.

$ 16.95 US, Paper