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Candy Construction

Build a candy fantasy! Sharon Bowers shows you how to use ordinary store-bought candy and cookies as the raw material for a brand-new kind of crafting. Top a sheet cake with a...  Read more

$ 14.95 US, Paper
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Woodland Style

From a lakeside cabin to a hilltop farmhouse, from an urban brownstone to a suburban ranch — any house can be beautified with decorative pieces crafted from found bits of the woodland...  Read more

$ 24.95 US, Paper with flaps
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Knit Socks!

Now in a paperback edition that tucks easily into your knitting bag, Storey’s best-selling sock-knitting book is better than ever. You’ll find 17 classic, cozy, colorful sock patterns plus helpful new advice...  Read more

$ 12.95 US, Paper
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The Sewing Answer Book

This friendly, reassuring resource answers your questions and solves your problems with a turn of the page. The question-and-answer format makes it easy to quickly find the information you need for both...  Read more

$ 14.95 US, Flexibind with cloth spine
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Around the Corner Crochet Borders

A crochet border is the perfect finishing touch on the edges of any fiber project, but creating one often means turning a corner and shaping the edging around a 90-degree angle. This...  Read more

$ 16.95 US, Paper
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Toe-Up 2-at-a-Time Socks

Knitwear designer Melissa Morgan-Oakes revolutionized the world of sock making with 2-at-a-Time Socks, showing delighted knitters how to simultaneously create two socks on a single circular...  Read more

$ 16.95 US, Hardcover with concealed wire-o
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Hand Dyeing Yarn and Fleece

Don’t limit yourself to the colors available in stores — find out how fun and satisfying it is to hand-dye yarn and fleece right in your own kitchen! Self-taught dyer...  Read more

$ 18.95 US, Hardcover with concealed wire-o
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The Handmade Marketplace

Turn your craft into a successful business! Even the most expert crafters may find it challenging to market and sell their wares, but with Kari Chapin you have an experienced...  Read more

$ 14.95 US, Paper
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One-Yard Wonders

Look at all you can make with just one yard of fabric! 101 fun and stylish sewing projects range from clothes and accessories to toys, home decor, baby items, pet...  Read more

$ 24.95 US, Hardcover with concealed wire-o and patterns
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The Sweater Chop Shop

Recycle, re-create, re-enjoy! You don’t even need a sewing machine to turn old sweaters into new wearables, blankets, pillows, and dolls that are fresh, playful, and captivating. It’s as easy...  Read more

$ 18.95 US, Paper