Calling horse lovers of all disciplines, levels, interests, and ages! Storey’s stable of equine books covers every aspect of raising and training horses, as well as handling, riding, and understanding behavior. You’ll find handy visual guides to breeds, health care, braiding, dressage, jumping exercises, and more. There’s also a special line of books for horse-crazy kids. Our authors are the very best equestrians, including Cherry Hill, Heather Smith Thomas, Charni Lewis, Jessica Jahiel, Judy Richter, Jessie Haas, and Lesley Ward.

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Braiding Manes and Tails

Next to riding, there is nothing horse people love more than to pamper and groom their horses, and braiding manes and tails is a particularly enjoyable grooming task for horse and rider alike. Here are 30 mane and tail braids for every occasion — from casual rides to blue-ribbon events — described with step-by-step illustrations and color photographs. Hang the book on a barn wall and create a horse hair salon.

$ 22.95 US, Hardcover with concealed wire-o
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Cherry Hill’s Horsekeeping Almanac

Everyone who loves and works with horses needs a master plan to keep the horse farm running smoothly and the residents (human and equine) happy and healthy. Here is Cherry Hill’s “Horsekeeping Master Plan,” her month-by-month guide to all the workings of a horse farm, with reminders, to-do lists, reference charts, climate notes, equine wit and wisdom, and an “Ask Cherry” feature. Hill’s advice helps every horseperson — new and experienced, Western and English — establish routines that follow the natural cycles of the animals and the land. This almanac is a valued resource readers will keep on hand to welcome each new season to the farm.

$ 24.95 US, Paper
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How to Think Like a Horse

Horse trainer and instructor Cherry Hill believes that every human/horse relationship benefits from a greater human understanding of what motivates horses, how they experience the world, what makes them happy, and what worries them. Journey through the equine mind with Hill as she explores all that makes a horse tick.

$ 19.95 US, Paper
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Horses & Friends Poster Book

Horses thrive when they have friends of other animal species. Even Seabiscuit depended on his stable companions (a small dog, a monkey, and a horse named Pumpkin) for health and well-being. These 30 delightful pull-out posters are glimpses of the playful, even tender relationship between horses and dogs, cats, goats, birds, and more.

$ 10.95 US, Paper
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Horse Games & Puzzles

This is the ultimate activity book for kids who love puzzles almost as much as they love horses! There are 125 brain teasers, word games, jokes and riddles, matching games, picture puzzles, and logic tests with all the answers included.

Every page is adorned with fun, horsey cartoons and illustrations. And scattered throughout the book are horse riddles, bits of horse trivia, and quotes about horses. For kids who love to horse around, this book will jump-start their creativity and boost their problem-solving skills while keeping their minds on what they love most — horses!

$ 9.95 US, Paper