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We’re offering a wide variety of authorless event kits and merchandising solutions related to our new and backlist titles. They’re free, fun, and we’ll provide all the tools you need to succeed online.

Online Assets

  • 3D cover image. An image of the book cover as transparent PNG at small and medium sizes.
  • Printable event poster. An 8.5 × 11" print-ready PDF, with space available for customization.
  • Digital postcard. An 600px × 450px email-ready promotional PNG.
  • Printable event kit. Event handouts provided as an 8.5 × 11" printable PDF.
  • Press release. Information about the book and the event, provided as a Word document and as HTML.
  • Press photos. Gorgeous book photography in smaller sizes for email and the web, as well as high-rez print-ready versions.
  • All relevant copyright information.

Available Titles

Soup Night
  • Soup Night
  • Host a community Soup Night!
  • View and download online assets
  • Soup nights are popping up everywhere as a stress-free way to bring neighbors together. The host provides two or three pots of soup, and the guests bring their own dishes and silverware, and perhaps a salad or some bread. Neighbors get to know each other by name, people of all ages connect and socialize, and the neighborhood becomes friendlier and safer. In Soup Night, Maggie Stuckey offers a practical guide to starting your own soup night group, along with 99 delicious soup recipes and 40 recipes for accompaniments.
  • Available: October 2013
  • Event Poster
  • Shelftalker
  • Recipe Cards
  • Invitation
  • Party goods for 20-person event:
    • Ladle
    • Tablecloth
    • Paper Plates
    • Paper Soup Bowls
    • Paper Cups
    • Napkins
    • Balloons
  • The Good Life Lab
  • A book club event with The Good Life Lab.
  • View and download online assets
  • This is the inspirational story of how one couple ditched their high-powered careers and high-pressure life in New York City to move to rural New Mexico, where they made, built, invented, foraged, and grew all they needed to live self-sufficiently, discovering a new sense of abundance in the process. Alongside their personal story are tips and tutorials to guide readers in the discovery of a fulfilling new lifestyle that relies less on money. Tremayne believes that everyone has the skill and creativity to make it work. The Good Life Lab not only teaches the art of making biofuel, appliances, structures, gardens, food, and medicine but is filled with illustrations contributed by a community of artists and illustrators, making the book a work of art. It shows readers how to create out of waste, reconnect with nature, and live off the grid — it is the manual for life in a post-consumer age.
  • Event Kit ISBN: 978-1-6121-2295-3
  • Kit number: 622295
  • Available: July 2013
  • Questions for guided discussion
  • Interview with Wendy Jehanara Tremayne
  • The Good Life Lab book tour information
  • Event poster
  • Shelftalker
  • Comp copy for book group leader
show me a story
  • Sewing School
  • Sewing school is in for the summer!
  • View and download online assets
  • Featuring 21 inspired projects, Sewing School shows kids how to create fabric masterpieces with minimal supervision. All projects have been kid-tested, and most can be made using simple hand stitches — no sewing machine required. Projects include pillows, dolls, blankets, wallets, totes, coasters, pot holders, sleep masks, mats, and more; each project features step-by-step instructions written at a second-grade comprehension level, a close-up photo of every step, and a photo of the finished project.
  • Event Kit ISBN: 978-1-6121-2294-6
  • Kit number: 622294
  • Available: June 2013
  • Beginner sewing kits with needle and thread
  • Chalk
  • Stuffing
  • Balloons
  • Event poster
  • Takeaway project
show me a story
  • Show Me a Story
  • Spark your inner storyteller.
  • View and download online assets
  • Children love to make up stories, and these 40 creative projects and activities encourage them to free their storytelling instincts. For everyone ages 5 to 12, whatever their reading level, this book has everything needed to spark an infinite number of child-created stories.
  • Event Kit ISBN: 978-1-6121-2292-2
  • Kit number: 622292
  • Available: February 2013
  • Blank memory cards
  • Twine for story disk chain
  • Balloons
  • Glue sticks
  • Colored card stock
  • Event poster, table talker, and shelf talker
  • Crochet One-Skein Wonders
  • Have a Crochet One-Skein Wonders party!
  • View and download online assets
  • Finally, a One-Skein Wonders book just for crocheters! Edie Eckman and Judith Durant offer 101 great crochet projects — from jewelry and scarves to bags, hats, dresses, and home dec items — that each use just one skein of yarn. Whatever your experience level, you'll find something here to delight you!
  • Event Kit ISBN: 978-1-6121-2293-9
  • Kit number: 622293
  • Available: April 2013
  • 10 skeins of yarn
  • Set of crochet hooks for demonstrator
  • Take-away project for participants
  • Pop Out & Paint Horse Breeds
  • Pop out and paint your favorite horses!
  • View and download online assets
  • Create a herd of model paper horses! Using basic craft supplies — acrylic paints, craft glue, embroidery floss, and yarn — kids ages 8 to 12 will have hours of fun applying authentic paint markings and mane and tail features to ten sturdy, pop-out horse-breed templates. When complete, each durable model is painted on both sides and can stand up for play or display.
  • Event Kit ISBN: 978-1-6121-2296-0
  • Kit number: 622296
  • Available: August 2013
  • Kids’ paint brushes
  • Kids’ paint sets
  • Balloons
  • Event poster

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  • Paper and scissors: © John Polak

Show Me A Story

  • Girl with necklace: © Buffy Strickland
  • Storytelling cards: © Greg Nesbit Photography

Crochet One-Skein Wonders

  • All images: © Keller + Keller

Sewing School

  • All images: © Justin Fox Burks

The Good Life Lab

  • Collage illustration: © Grady McFerrin

Pop Out & Paint Horse Breeds

  • All images: © Mark Mantegna