55 Fresh & Simple Recipes for Everyday Eating

Among these 55 mouthwatering recipes you'll discover extraordinary renditions of classic lobster dishes--including bisques, salads, lobster rolls, and grilled or steamed lobster--as well as inventive new items, such as lobster and corn salad with jalapeno johnny cakes, lobster and arugula pizza, lobster and red bliss hash, and lobster and pea shoot salad in toast cups. You'll even find recipes for side dishes and desserts that pair beautifully with lobster, resulting in meals that you'll never forget!

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Creamy Clam Chowder. Portuguese Caldo Verde Chowder. Northwest Salmon Chowder with Leeks and Peas. Double Corn Summer Chowder. Brooke Dojny offers 57 recipes for chowders of all kinds -- some made with seafood, some with meat, and some with just veggies -- plus side dishes, salads, and desserts. Whether you’re looking for a hearty meal on a cozy winter evening or a fresh gumbo perfect for a summer lunch, you’ll turn to this delicious collection again and again!

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Dishing Up® Maine

From the Atlantic Ocean to well-tended organic farms, Maine offers some of the best raw materials for rustic, hearty cuisine. To this natural bounty, add the independent spirit and quiet humor of the people, and it’s apparent why chefs, farmers, fisherman, and artisans are drawn to the state. Their fierce pride, respect for the land, and lack of pretension are recognizable ingredients in the food they produce.

Dojny's tribute to the food of her adopted home boasts 165 recipes in all, including a few dozen from some of Maine’s most accomplished chefs. Local stories and food lore, historical facts and literary quotes, and a traveler's guide to hidden road food gems make this the ultimate food-lover's guide to the salty personality of Maine cuisine.

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The New England Clam Shack Cookbook

Favorite recipes from clam shacks, lobster pounds, and chowder houses.

“A wealth of ‘wicked good’ seafood.”
— Elinor Klivans, author of
Fearless Baking

“...collection of great all-American recipes.”
— Beverly Cox, author of
Spirit of the Harvest

“...celebrates the fishermen, families, and cooks who have been running local clam shacks, lobster pounds, and chowder houses for generations.”
— Tamara Weiss, author of
Potluck at Midnight Farm

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