Chick Days

An Absolute Beginner's Guide to Raising Chickens from Hatchlings to Laying Hens

If you who want to raise chickens but don’t know where to begin, Chick Days offers a warm and spirited introduction to these quirky backyard birds. Jenna Woginrich chronicles the life journey of three chickens (Amelia, Honey, and Tilda) from fluffy, newly hatched bundles to grown hens laying eggs of their own. As you watch these chickens grow, you’ll learn everything you need to know about chicken behavior, feeding, housing, and health care. This playfully informative guide will inspire you to confidently raise your own feathered flock.

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  • Paper
  • Pages: 128
  • Size: 7 x 9
  • Color: Full-color; Photographs throughout
  • ISBN: 978-1-60342-584-1
  • Order Number: 62584
  • Ebook

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With humor and poise, Jenna Woginrich describes her adventurous self-education in homesteading. Poignant offbeat observations on learning to farm by trial and error punctuate the story of her quest to find a permanent home for herself and her livestock: chickens, geese, sheep, ducks, rabbits, a goat, and a turkey. Alone and on a shoestring budget, Woginrich takes on cranky neighbors and small-town politics without ever losing her trademark humility or comedic style.

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Made from Scratch, Paperback Edition

Goodbye, frozen pizza; hello, homesteading. In a hectic world of mass-produced food, clothing, and entertainment, it’s easy to miss out on the simple pleasures of doing things for yourself. Meet Jenna Woginrich, a 26-year-old web designer who decided to take control of her life — what she ate, what she wore, and how she spent her free time. Learn a few basic country skills, she reasoned, and she would be able to produce at least some of the food and other resources she used every day. Made from Scratch tells the story of Woginrich's hilarious, heartbreaking, soul-satisfying journey, inspiring and entertaining readers who dream about a more self-sufficient lifestyle. Now available in paperback.

“This fine, simple book is the real deal, and it will come as a great relief to people feeling some silent dread in a time of rising gas prices, food shortages, and the like. Much can be done — in your home!”
— Bill McKibben, author of
Deep Economy

“City girl turned farm girl, Jenna takes you on her wild ride (she even ends up with a “pet” dog sled team). Along the way, she gives you all the details you’ll need to create your own homemade life, whoever you are, wherever you live. From DIY clothing to grow-your-own meals, Jenna walks you to the door of your fantasy and points the way towards a more self-sufficient and authentic lifestyle.”
— MaryJane Butters, author of
MaryJane’s Outpost: Unleashing Your Inner Wild

“A delightful account of one person’s journey to take back her life, written with verve and humor.”
— Gene Logsdon, author of
The Contrary Farmer

“This is an outstanding book for anyone yearning for the satisfaction that comes with a simpler, more self-reliant and sustainable life. I highly recommend it, for both country and city homesteaders.”
— Cheryl Long, Editor in Chief,
Mother Earth News

“Jenna Woginrich had me from the front cover to the back cover and wishing there was more after I was finished. Made From Scratch had me in tears at some points in the book and laughing out loud in others. This book is a perfect read for our times by getting back to basics for our health and our pocketbooks.”
— Mary Tobia,
Times-News (Lehighton, Pennsylvania)

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One-Woman Farm

Jenna Woginrich’s inspiring journey from city cubicle to rural homestead has captivated readers of her blog and previous books. Now, in One-Woman Farm, Woginrich shares the joys, sorrows, trials, epiphanies, and blessings she discovers during a year on her own land, finding deep fulfillment in the practical tasks and timeless rituals of the agricultural life.

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