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CloneBrews, 2nd Edition

Recipes for 200 Commercial Beers

Magic Hat #9. Ithaca Brown Ale. Moose Drool. Samuel Adams Boston Ale. Try making clones of these and 196 more popular commercial beers! Revised, updated, and expanded, this second edition of CloneBrews contains 50 brand-new recipes, fully updated mashing guidelines, and a Food Pairing feature that recommends the best foods for every beer.

Praise for the First Edition
CloneBrews, by Tess and Mark Szamatulski, is a great gift for the home brewer. 150 well-crafted and tested recipes produce good approximations of world famous beers like Guinness and Samuel Adams.

is an intriguing collection for home brewers seeking to duplicate their favorite beers from around the corner and around the world.
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