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Donna Smallin is the author of seven Storey titles with a total of more than 928,000 copies in print. She is a frequent contributor to major national women’s and home magazines and has been a guest on the CBS Early Show, Better TV, HGTV, CNN, and Fox & Friends, as well as numerous radio programs. For the past decade, Smallin has been a spokesperson for such companies as Bissell, Kaboom, Staples, 3M, Keurig, and others. She blogs at

Books by this Author

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The One-Minute Organizer A to Z Storage Solutions

If you're like most of us, you have too much stuff and too little storage space. Create an organized, clutter-free life with Donna Smallin’s common-sense approach to item-by-item storage. The 500 tips in this easy-to-use reference — things you can do in under a minute — solve your vexing clutter challenges with simple, creative storage solutions. Find a place for everything, and you'll be able to keep everything in its place.

"Donna Smallin is a genius! Just pick your storage dilemma and find the answers alphabetically. This book is easy to use and bundled with choices.”
— Dorothy Breininger, President, Delphi Center for Organization

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The One-Minute Cleaner Plain & Simple

Best-selling author Donna Smallin has helped millions clear clutter, destroy dirt, and restore order. Now she focuses her eye on your house with 500 plain and simple strategies to make quick work of housework and get you back to your busy lifestyle without compromising your standard of clean living.

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Unclutter Your Mind

A calm, uncluttered mind is the best defense against the stresses of contemporary life. Donna Smallin, who has already helped thousands of people organize their homes, now takes on the emotional and psychological clutter that can get in the way of living a balanced, rewarding life. A focused mind may be a tall order, but Smallin, with her special gift for seeing the quick solutions to all kinds of clutter, offers 500 quick tips and creative ideas to help busy people clear away unnecessary worries, daily stresses, and unproductive habits. In just a few minutes each day, anyone can reduce anxiety and find time for a simpler, more rewarding life.

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The One-Minute Organizer Plain & Simple

Got a minute? That’s all you need to bring a little organization to your hectic life. Donna Smallin’s innovative ideas offer quick solutions to the busy person’s daily battle with clutter, both physical and mental. Each tip delivers instant gratification and makes your world a more orderly place for enjoying the things that really matter. If you don’t have time for a top-to-bottom organizational makeover, you can still unclutter your life. The One-Minute Organizer, Plain & Simple makes it possible . . . one short minute at a time.

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Cleaning Plain & Simple

Clean smarter, not harder. With plain and simple advice on everything from dusting and swabbing to polishing and vacuuming, best-selling author Donna Smallin shows you how to make the most of your valuable cleaning time. Hundreds of quick tips and practical solutions for every imaginable cleaning situation promise you the sparkling, healthful environment you want for your family.

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Organizing Plain & Simple

We all have too much stuff! Gain control over everyday disorder and be better prepared for life's big events with this gentle guide, which covers everything from alphabetizing CDs to combining two households to planning meals. Donna Smallin takes a personalized, nonjudgmental approach to explain how to assess different situations and decide where to start organizing. Then she offers advice on organizing time and finances, as well as organizing for the seasons and for special events. Sidebars, quizzes, lists, and time-saver tips make this a great book for browsing.

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Unclutter Your Home

In an easy-to-read tips format, this book offers concrete steps for sorting, evaluating, and getting rid of all those material items that get in the way of a simplified lifestyle.

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